New Exhibit coming in December

Artist’s Bios:

d. c. page (david) has spent the majority of his working career as a cabinetmaker, custom furniture craftsman, and sculptor.  he has long maintained an interest in writing, has written for rodale press, is the author of several screenplays and two young adult novels.  he has a degree in english from the university of virginia, an mfa in furniture design and woodworking from the rhode island school of design, and eschews capital letters.  he is a forty-year resident of swarthmore.  

Paul F. Page has long nurtured an interest in and love for photography.  He began his photographic career in earnest after retiring from a successful career as an internal medicine physician in Franklin County, Virginia.  He has photographed countless subjects across the country and in many countries around the world. He holds a degree in Chemistry from Hampden Sydney College and an MD from Michigan State University School of Medicine. He lives in Salem, Virginia. 

Artist’s Statement:

A photograph is a particular view of one moment in time, a thin slice of something bigger, often much bigger.  Conveying hints of the larger story within that moment is the mark of a worthwhile image.  Paul, the photographer, has traveled widely capturing those singular instances of beauty and relevance.  But in the photographic freeze exactly what that bigness consists of usually remains unclear or, more accurately, remains open to individual interpretation and imagination.

In this exhibit we present images that suggest many possible stories, and for each image, we offer a particular perspective, presented by David, the author.  Many verses are straightforward, some wander as far afield as the images themselves.  In a very real sense, the photographic images are the titles of the verses.  

Our project has been a creative collaboration between two brothers, an exploration of light, image, and possibilities filtered through a photographic lens and a keyboard. Meaning often hides much deeper than mere observation, and the questions the images pose, the answers the verses provide, are but one facet of what we see as a more complex tale. 


  • Evergreen Gallery, Kirkland, Washington, Solo Exhibition
  • Jefferson Center Gallery, Juried Show, First-place Photography, Roanoke, Virginia
  • Jekyll Island Arts Association at Goodyear Cottage Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Jekyll Island, Georgia
  • League of Roanoke Artists, WVTF Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Roanoke, Virginia

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