Info For Exhibitors

Please review the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for information about required entry materials.


Exhibition Contact: Michele Southworth:
Publicity Contact: Skip Gosnell:
Poster Design Contact: Martha Perkins:

Our Mission and By-laws

Solo Exhibitors

For solo exhibits, preference is given to artists who are Swarthmore residents, but artists residing outside of Swarthmore are also welcome to request exhibits.

Below are all the forms required by artists who plan to have a solo exhibit at Borough Hall.

IMPORTANT:  All the required forms must be returned to the contact person 6 weeks before the opening of the exhibit to allow for marketing PR and poster prep.

Group Show exhibitors

Artists participating in group shows must complete a show entry form. Check the Schedule of Events page for upcoming dates of the following shows:

  • Celebrate Swarthmore Artists
  • Celebrate Swarthmore Photographers
  • Celebrate Swarthmore High School Artists – open to all high school artists either attending Strath Haven High School or living in the Wallingford-Swarthmore school district


Artist’s Responsibility

  • Who is my contact person with SFOA?
    Your contact person is specified on the Exhibition Confirmation form found on our website. This person will contact you with respect to: reviewing your artwork; when your exhibit will take place; the dates/times for hanging and removing the exhibit as well as the reception; publicity; and any other pertinent issues.
  • How much does it cost to have an exhibit?
    The exhibition fee is $40, and is due with your entry materials (check made payable to
    “Swarthmore Friends of the Arts”). All sales must be handled by SFOA; please direct all buyers to your SFOA contact person (listed on Exhibition Confirmation Form). SFOA will retain 10% of gross revenues for any sales. This includes sales of any additional artwork not in the exhibit, if SFOA assists in those sales. The balance of any sales will be returned to the artist after the show is over.
  • What materials do I need to provide to the SFOA for advertising my exhibit?
    • Complete the Exhibition Confirmation Form (click here)
    • Artist’s Release Form (click here)
    • Bio for publishing in local newspapers (click here)
    • Inventory of all pieces being displayed
    • SFOA provides publicity information to area news media and relevant social media outlets
    • Please email your contact person photos of one or more pieces you plan to display.
    • Please include title and medium of each piece.
  • How do I obtain posters advertising my exhibit, and where should I hang them?
    • Ten (10) posters will be created by SFOA, using one of the photos of your artwork. Your contact person will arrange how to get these posters to you 1-2 weeks prior to your exhibit.
    • You are responsible for hanging your posters. Suggested locations in Swarthmore are: Borough Hall, glass case outside PNC (accessible from the back), CO-OP, Hobbs, King Jewelers, Aria, Co-ed Hair Salon, Garnet Dry Cleaners, Executive Dry Cleaners, Paulson’s Rug Company, Swarthmore Hardware, train station (inside bulletin board), and Renato’s.
    • Outside of Swarthmore, we suggest the Community Art Center in Wallingford, Kate Furness and/or Media libraries.
    • SFOA will mount a poster in the plastic sleeve outside of the Borough Hall office.
    • You are responsible for removing all posters after your show has ended.
  • How should I prepare my artwork for the exhibit?
    • All artwork should be framed or somehow finished off around the edges.
    • Hanging wires should be attached horizontally, with not more than 2” slack, approximately one-fourth to one-third of the artwork’s height from the top of the frame. We have found that this allows the frame to hang at an angle from the wall but not too severe an angle.
  • What are the guidelines for information cards hung next to my artwork?
    • You are responsible for creating and mounting information cards next to your artwork.
    • The cards should contain the following information:
      – Name of artwork
      – Medium (unless entire exhibit is same medium)
      – Price (optional – artist can choose to publish prices only on separate sheet), or “NFS”
      – Name of artist (only if you are sharing the show with another artist)
    • Cards should be of paper quality similar to business card stock or better, and business- to index card-sized.
    • Fun-tak, a sticky putty used for adhering paper to walls, should be used to mount cards.
      Text on cards should either be preprinted or legibly written. Information can also be printed on 2” x 4“ Avery Easy Peel Clear Mailing Labels (#8663) and mounted directly on the wall. However you mount your labels, please take caution to not damage the walls.

What SFOA Does for You

  • In which publications do we place advertisements for the exhibit?
    • Swarthmorean, Town Talk, Philadelphia Inquirer (Friday Weekend Section as well as Neighbors Section “Art Exhibits” on Sunday), Delaware County Daily Times, Phoenix (Swarthmore College paper), Main Line News, Chester Spirit, Delco Times, Town Talk, Springfield Press, and Delco News Network. Advertising in any other publication is the responsibility of the artist.
  • What does the exhibition fee cover?
    • This fee covers the following SFOA expenses:
      – Posters used for publicity around town.
      – Purchase of hanging equipment and supplies.
      – Improved lighting for hallway (an ongoing project).
      – Publicity promoting the exhibit on Social Media

Additional Exhibit Information

  • What are the limits of Swarthmore’s insurance policy with respect to my artwork?
    • Swarthmore Borough is not liable for damage to, or theft of, the artwork. Please be advised that homeowner’s insurance policies will most likely NOT cover your artwork in a public place. The artist agrees to exhibit their work with the knowledge that Borough Hall is a public place that is unguarded.
    • We have been informed of one insurance company that will insure art in Borough Hall. This company provided a policy for a prior exhibitor, for the duration of the exhibit (one month); the policy was actually written by Penn Mutual. We are not recommending this company; we are simply passing along their name as a source:
      • Roehrs and Company, Inc. 736 Springdale Dr.
        P.O. Box 100
        Exton, PA 19341
        (610) 363-7999
  • When is my show open for viewing and when can my opening reception be held?
    • Shows can only be held when Borough Hall is open. We encourage artists to have their opening reception on the First Friday of the month when possible.
    • Sunday shows are only allowed when the library is open. September through June the building is open on Sundays from 1 to 5 PM for people using the library. The building is closed Sundays in July and August, but a reception can be held by special arrangement.
    • Evening shows must conclude by 8 pm when the borough hall building closes.
  • Is alcohol permitted at SFOA events (e.g., receptions)?
    • The only alcoholic beverages permitted are wine and beer.
    • The policy of Swarthmore Borough is that serving of alcohol on borough property must be done by a person that is RAMP certified. This may be achieved on-line for a fee.
    • Publicity Chair, Skip Gosnell is RAMP certified and may be contacted if you would like to serve alcoholic beverages at your opening reception. Availability may be limited.
  • How can I sell individual postcards or packets of cards?
    • Individual postcards can be sold on the honor system. A box containing the cards can be placed on the glass-top table near the office, along with a box in which to deposit money and the cost per card.
    • Cards can be sold at your opening reception. Note the Borough office or the library are not responsible for selling these cards.
    • Send cards to people on your personal mailing list to invite them to the exhibit
    • Larger packets of cards should be ordered by placing a sign-up or contact info sheet for the artist on the table.
  • Where can I purchase clear plastic envelopes to protect cards that I wish to sell?
    • We suggest a quick internet search
    • One source is “Bags Unlimited
  • How can I reach Borough Hall and what hours are the exhibits open?
    • Office hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday-Thursday.
    • Borough Hall is open:
      M – Th: 8:30am – 8pm
      Friday: 9:30am – 7pm
      Saturday: 10am – 3pm
      Sunday: 1pm – 5pm
    • We suggest that patrons call the office during office hours to verify these times if they plan to come very early or late in the day, or on weekends, at (610) 543-4599, to be sure they can get into the building.
  • How often can I have a solo (or shared) exhibit?
    • There is a minimum of four (4) years between repeat solo or shared exhibits. However, an artist may exhibit sooner if a time slot becomes available.
  • How can I find out about future SFOA events and exhibits?
    • Visit our website (bookmark the address for easy access)
    • Follow us on social media for the latest information on past and future exhibits

2 thoughts on “Info For Exhibitors

  1. Hello. I would like to get a group show entry form for this spring. I have a needlepoint picture I’d like to submit. Thanks!


    1. Hi, Maria. Thanks for your inquiry. When the date gets closer, we will have an on-line form on our website and paper forms in Swarthmore Borough Hall for entering the spring group show. Happy that you will be entering your work!


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